The World of Color

The World of Color by Mai Iizuka ©2016

Once there was a girl. Her name was Nicole. She showed little emotion. She lived in the world of black and white.

One day when she raised her eyes and looked around, she saw a colorful road ahead of her.

Other roads were all black and white.

She became curious about this colorful road.

As she entered this colorful road, the road began to show more colors.

She began to smile.

On this colorful road, there were many different people and things.

Then, a boy came and began to talk to her. His name was J.J.

“I’m J.J. Who are you?” he said.

“I’m Nicole,” she said.

J.J. repeated her name with a beautiful smile.

That made Nicole very happy.

So, she repeated his name, too, “J.J.”

J.J. and Nicole walked on the road.

They found a cotton candy shop. They got a cotton candy and ate it. Nicole felt such joy in her heart.

Then, they went to a zoo where they saw different animals.

Then, they went to the mountains where there were many different fruit trees. They walked in the orchard and picked some apples and ate one too.

Suddenly, she realized that the sky was getting darker. Nicole said, “I need to go home now.”

But, J.J. suggested that she go out and play more.

Then, Nicole became frightened. She remembered her parents. She was afraid that they might be worried about her.

So, she said, “No, I am going home!”

Then, J.J.’s face turned to an angry face.

Nicole was scared. She turned around and began to walk home.

J.J. followed her.

Nicole became more scared and began to run.

She looked back to see whether J.J. was still chasing her.

There was a big rock on the road. She tripped on the rock and fell to the ground.

Blood began to flow out from the injured knee.

She felt pain on her knees. With the fear of being chased and the pain from the injury she burst into tears.

She looked around and then she was suddenly in front of her house.

Nicole’s mother came out of the house. She saw Nicole crying.

Mother said, “Nicole, why are you crying?”

Nicole said, “I was frightened.”

“Why were you frightened?” mother asked.

“J.J. is following me!”

But there was no one behind Nicole.

Mother said, “Don’t be afraid. You are safe here at home.”

Yes, she was glad to be safe at home.

She was very glad that she found there was a different interesting world with different roads out there. She was glad that she could feel joy, excitement, fear, sadness, security and love.

Nicole’s parents were also glad that she looked more lively than before. Mother was happy to see that she was showing her feelings now.

There is an exciting world where different roads are waiting for Nicole now. She will meet interesting people. She will learn new skills. She will experience loneliness, joy, sadness, anger, fear, and many other feelings.

Now she is ready to face all these challenges because she realizes now that she has her loving family who is here to support her whenever she needs their support.

The End

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