This is a story-listening demonstration by Beniko Mason. It is based on the story by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Truth and Falsehood

Many years ago, Falsehood saw Truth on the road. Falsehood said hello and asked Truth, “How are you doing these days?” Truth answered and said, “It is difficult for a man like me”.

Falsehood looked at Truth up and down. Truth was wearing ragged clothes. Truth said, “To be honest, no one employs me these days. Everyone laughs at me. I do not have a job, so I don’t have money to buy food. I am always very hungry. I am sad”.

Falsehood said, “I can help you. I can show you how to make money easily and live well. Come with me. But, promise not to say a word against me.”

Truth was so hungry that he almost fainted. So, he agreed to go with Falsehood. They came to the best restaurant in town. They sat at the best table and ate good food and drank best wine.

After they finished the meal, Falsehood banged the table with his fist, and called the waiter. Falsehood said, “Give me my change back!” The waiter said, “You never paid the bill!” “Call the manager!” Falsehood said. The manager came. Falsehood said, “Your waiter cheated and stole my change. I am a sincere, law-abiding citizen. This restaurant steals hard-earned money from customers! You are thieves, but I am not fooled!” The manager was worried about the restaurant’s reputation. Instead of listening to his waiter, he listened to Falsehood. The manager gave Falsehood the change.

The waiter cried and said to God, “Why don’t you help me? I am honest and hard-working.” Truth groaned. He could not say a word against falsehood, because he had promised earlier.

Later Falsehood laughed loudly. He slapped Truth on the back and said, “This is the way you do it! You can have free meal and make some money!”

“I would rather starve,” said Truth. After that they never traveled together again.

The End

Picture of angel and devil

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