The comprehension methodology focuses on the meaning-based mehodology. When students listen to about 100 stories, and read abuot 300 books, the low beginning level students can reach high intermediate level. Stories that they listen to will gradually become longer and more complex and the books that they read may be easy 200 word level books at the beginning, but they will gradually become longer and more complex. When students enjoy the input which means that when they understand it, acquisition naturally happens. Videos are for the students to listen to at home. My students record the class or video tape the class so that they can watch it and listen to it later at home. I have created the videos for those who do not record the lesson in the class. Students can use this video when they are abscent from school also so that they will not be behind. I have a list of the words that are used in the story with Japanese definitions. I also provide the original text in case they are interested in reading it later. The stories that I tell are mostly Grimm Brothers Tales and other folk tales that are copyright free.

  • Godfather Death

    A POOR MAN had twelve children and was forced to work night and day to give them even bread. When therefore the thirteenth came into the world, he knew not what to do in his trouble, but ran out into the great highway, and resolved to ask the first person whom he met to be godfather [more]

  • The Heavenly Wedding

    A POOR PEASANT-BOY one day heard the priest say in church that whosoever desired to enter into the kingdom of heaven must always [more]

  • Truth and Falsehood Story-Listening Demonstration

    Many years ago, Falsehood saw Truth on the road. Falsehood said hello and asked Truth, “How are you doing these days?” Truth answered and said, “It is difficult for a ... [more]

  • The Tale of a Snake

    There was once a little child whose mother gave her every afternoon a small bowl of milk and bread, and the child seated herself in the yard with it. When she began to eat, however, a snake ... [more]

  • The Rose

    THERE WAS once a poor woman who had two children. The youngest had to go every day into the forest to fetch wood. Once when she had gone a long way to seek it, a little child, who was ... [more]

  • Chuang-Tzu and his Wife

    Chuang-tzu saw a young woman. She was grieving, and vigorously fanning a new grave. He asked her why she was fanning a grave. She replied, “I am doing this because... [more]

  • Kenta interviews Beniko Mason

    Kenta interviews Beniko Mason (In Japanese) [more]

  • An interview with Miyako

    “Miyako” developed an English reading habit as a student in Japan 30 years ago and has continued pleasure reading in English since that time. She reads not to improve her English but because she enjoys it... [more]

  • The Crumbs on the Table Story-Listening Demonstration

    One day the rooster said to his hens, “Go into the kitchen and pick up the breadcrumbs from... [more]

  • The Ungrateful Son Story-Listening Demonstration

    A man and his wife were once at home about to eat... [more]

The Wine Well Classroom Demonstration